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Change isn’t always easy. Let’s say, for example, that you need to replace your old HVAC equipment with a new system. Or, perhaps you need an air conditioner installed for your new home. Whatever the case may be, you want to know that you’re choosing both the right equipment and the best team for the job. At Air Source One, our air conditioning installations deliver a promising start, equipping your home with a factory-fresh, energy-efficient system. It is our privilege to help homeowners in Chicago, IL and North West Indiana. No matter your budget or home’s size, our technicians work with you to find a solution that you can feel good about.   

Air Conditioning Installation Services

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The most crucial step of any AC installation is choosing the right system. You see, there are many units that can theoretically be installed in your home. But at the end of the day, these choices won’t serve you best in terms of energy-efficiency, savings and consistent cooling comfort. At Air Source 1, our decades of experience allow our experts to guide you toward your perfect system. Thoroughly evaluating your usage expectations, budget and home’s layout, our trained eyes will find the right fit for your home—guaranteed.

Protect Your Investment with Regular Maintenance

Your HVAC equipment often has a mind of its own. And when you don’t give your air conditioner the TLC it needs, this neglect can backfire—most commonly in the form of a system breakdown. Offering air conditioning maintenance in Chicago, IL and North West Indiana and the rest of our service areas, our technicians look after your system on your behalf. With our thorough maintenance inspections, we’ll keep your AC going strong through every season.

Unmatched Care with Our AC Repair

There are times when air conditioners fail without warning. When this happens, you need a professional that can quickly make the repair, while also looking out for your budget. At Air Source One , our AC repairs in Chicago, IL and North West Indiana, and the surrounding areas get your system back on track. Anywhere you live in the Chicago area, our technicians deliver the most innovative solutions that our industry can provide—at an affordable price.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Installation with Air Source One

When your home comfort needs an upgrade, Air Source One has you covered. With our valued AC installation services, our specialists show regard for your investment by providing high-quality, affordable service. To schedule your air conditioning installation service or request your free equipment estimate, connect with Air Source One’s Air Conditioning & Heating by phone or email today.

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